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I'm a Ghoul

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Art by Sushio for the 本能寺学園第一回生徒襲会 event.

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The greatest gift and honor…is having you for a daughter.


Queen Serenity get’s an update in this weeks episode of Sailor Moon Crystal! So far ( at least from what I can tell) this is the first update to the opening sequence! 
While I was watching, I said, “Wait, I may not have really been paying attention and it’s 5 AM, but I swear her hair was just white…”
And yes it was! I didn’t notice her dress updates and the fact that they pretty much redrew her though! She looks splendid! 

EDIT: There are apparently a few more updates I hadn’t noticed!! 

Sailor Moon Crystal - Act. 6
Inner Senshis

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Grow up.
Grow up.

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